Using the SDL Precision RinGenie.

Using The SDL Precision RinGenie.

I bought the RinGenie out of curiosity and the OSD I have for new tools, and for tools that can make a difference in my studio workshop.
I originally bought the standard wooden box kit, and then I got the extra collets and ring helper attachment and the angle drill adapter.
Just in case I need to drill repeatable angles in production runs. Speed and accuracy are paramount in these situations.
The RinGenie is very well made and engineered. SDL Precision has put lot of thought into this multi tool.
It is so useful in so many situations. It helps cutting grooves accurately into metal (or wax) as well as holding drill bits and burs and helps you guide them accurately.
It is good for marking out lines and drill holes for example. The RinGenie sits in the GRS standard ball vice very nicely.
You can fit it into the micro ball but it falls over because of the small form factor and the weight. I have not tried any other type of ball vices unfortunately.
But SDL Precision do sell an adapter that fits the GRS Bench Mate system and this works well also.
I think it should work well with other makes of ball vice that are available.

Highly recommended.






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